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1832 Egger’s Furniture Company, Middleboro

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The history of Egger’s Furniture actually dates all the way back to 1620 when George Soule came to America on the Mayflower. When he stepped aboard the ship bound for America, passenger George Soule (a man-servant to Edward Winslow), had no idea where life was taking him. When the captain asked all the adult males to sign the Mayflower Compact before establishing the new settlement, George signed his name willingly. By 1633 he was listed as a freeman at the official incorporation of Plymouth Plantation. He and his wife, Mary, had seven children and he died in 1679.

153 years and five generations later, a sixth-generation descendant of the Soules, also named George Soule, started a cabinet-making business in Middleboro, about 15 miles from Plymouth where his ancestors had settled in 1620.

Industrious and enterprising, George, who was also a skilled wood carver, also began offering furniture from the newly established furniture factories in Boston and Gardner, Massachusetts. Much of his handiwork can still be seen at the altar of Middleboro’s noted “Church on the Green” which was built in the mid-nineteenth century.