Assembly Table

Assembly Table

When considering expanding your business and deciding upon the furniture and goods you would like your office to be filled with, you must think of e-Systems Group. This manufacture of custom consoles will help you find the item that adapts better to your necessities while implementing the elements and tools you never thought you could have.

Most businesses are constantly changing. Looking for growth and expansion, having adaptable furniture and products can be the key to saving time, money and having to dispose of items that are not that practical anymore. Any of our workspaces, tables, and benches can be customized for your pleasure, and we have tons of options for you to consider.

One of these options, if you are looking for a desk that can constantly transform itself, is the Contour, the contortionist. As the title lets you know, this changes shape for any company you lead and anticipates your future needs. It is designed to be ergonomic and to boost the productivity of its users.

Originally thought to be a 911 dispatch or call center kind of desk, it can also bring any team's configuration. It includes adaptable workstations, high-density screen arrays, and computer storage. Made to last with your office and business since its lifespan is 20 years, and because of its perks has the best value. Think of how many regular desks you would have to buy for all the changes in your company vs. one movable, changeable and adjustable.

We must consider its flexible design and 24/7 environments, 100% steel-welded frame, the space to store computers, design to systemize your cables, made in the U.S, and practical.

The perks of the Contour adjustable desk are many, including detachable top trim to permit entree to the interior of the wall system, 90-degree corners and other angled connectors to form a mixture of workstations, stackable wall, available 12″ or 16″ tall, for monitor mounting and isolation needs, removable, securing service panels to access cable management raceways.

It also includes the capacity to self-supporting 30″ or 36″ deep surfaces can be defined as fixed height or alterable sit-stand, 8″ tall aluminum slatwall extrusion creates a firm interface for various monitors and storage accessories, 6″ welded heavy-duty steel casing and wall system with integrated cable raceway, CPU storage modules and even sit-stand motorized lift-assist small to large corner units.

This quality piece of technology mixed with a manufactured desk can become the perfect addition to any company that works with teams. Whatever design you are thinking of, we can make it happen and guide you through the multiple elements that could be implemented to make your workspace even more practical.

If the Contour is not up to your needs and wants, don't fret! You can easily browse through our catalog and see a range of products until you can find the one that you can see, personalizing to perfection with your coworkers.

Call us or contact us online to get a custom solution specifically made for your needs,

Assembly Table

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