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Area Rugs--let our design staff help you choose the right style, size and color to enhance the look for any room in the house. Choose from braided, machine woven or hand made. Find the perfect rug at the right price. Dalyn Rugs: Oriental, Floral, Contemporary, Capel Rugs: Collage, Oval Braid, Concentric Braid, Hand woven, Floral, Contemporary.
Area rugs bring a splash of color, texture, and pattern to your floors. Rugs are functional—they absorb sound, add warmth, and help define space. Whether you want an oriental pattern, a classic braid or a more contemporary type the designers at Egger’s will help you pick the right rug for your room setting.
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beige carpet with multicolored left and floral design
blue, gray, and white floral patterned rug

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